Le Batard de la Raison | Rozumu Bękart

The music project by a charismatic rapper Maciej Kożuszek aka Rozumu Bękart and exceptional musicians from Gdańsk.

The band was formed in 2011 and co-operated with such musicians as: Natalia Grzębała (piano, vocal), Krzysztof Hirsz (trumpet), Miłosz Matiaszuk (double bass), Robert “Bolec” Kamiński (piano, vocal), Robert Kiesz (percussion), Dawid Głowacki (saxophone), Jacek Prościński (percussion), Łukasz Sokołowski (saxophone). Monika replaced Miłosz on double bass in late 2011 and was a member of the group until the end of its existence in 2014.

Le Batard de la Raison was a hip-hop band, with jazz influences. They gave many concerts in Gdańsk, Sopot and Warsaw e.g. on the „Metropolis Is Okey” festival.

“The work of the band impresses in terms of both music and lyrics. The leader perfectly combines funny vulgarity with refined word play, pop culture allusions and surprising associations. The concerts, during which the leader turns out to be a very effective, skilled and funny MC, are great too.” Przemysław Gulda for Gazeta Wyborcza.