Atmen Trio <

The project of group of women who love improvising and experimenting with sound, discovering new music landscapes, exploring possibilities of their instruments and searching for novelty and dialogue.

The musicians of Atmen Trio were: Agnieszka Atma Kamińska – voice, Gosia Kęsicka – oboe, Monika Kwiatkowska – double bass.

Below you can find a trailer of the Incantations project, presented by Atmen Trio at the Festival of New Music in Żak Club in Gdańsk.

Letnica Sound

In 2014 Atmen Trio realized Letnica Sound, music workshops for young people at Łaźnia Centre for Contemporary Art in Gdańsk. It was a part of a project called Let’s Art. When the classes of vocal techniques finished, contemporary composer techniques and audio technology (sound processing and editing) participants prepared a recording (below) which is showing the unique character of Letnica.

The process of discovering sounds of this district of Gdańsk was interesting in musical and sociological perspective.