Bass and Bow Repairs

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Hi there!

I had a break from blogging because last three weeks I was in my homeland Poland. I visited my parents, friends and worked on movie plan! I took my double bass with me because it needed some repairs. I would like to share with you the effects!

The Bow

My Dörfler bow needed to be rehaired and put new silver and leather lapping. The old silver wire I accidentally destroyed hookind on the string while playing. Before I left Poland I took all silver wire away to check if without it bow will play better (some of my friends do so) but it didn’t 😀 The weight was different and my hand was confused! But it was fun to find it out.

The bow is now ready-made to play!

The Double Bass

A few months ago when I was going to the audition in Paris I had a small accident. I was struggling with metro gate trying to go through them with bass and I fell on the ground! Such things happen but I was so afraid that bass broke! Fortunately only small crack close to the f-hole appeared and some glue work needed to be done.

The second thing was the endpin. I bought my bass three years ago with a new endpin, but for a year or longer it was broken. The pin stuck and I had to use pliers to move it! What a nightmare! The whole endpin got out of the hole dangerously. Luthier told me it happened because of my standing position angle. Now I have new, smoothly slide out, long pin and inconveniences ended!

The third thing was the sound post. Back in Gothenbug my teacher said that probably the sound post is too long. Now, the luthier said that the lenght is fine but sound post is placed in the wrong spot so he move it and… sound of the bass is now so much better – warmer and open! Some tensions from the top plate are away and „wolf” from G as well.

The last thing was cleaning the bridge – sticky Pops was everywhere!


Oh! It’s so nice to have bass in good conditin now! If you will need any luthier works in Gdańsk (North of Poland) I recommend you Marek Tkaczyk’s workshop. The price for all the work was less than 200 euros.

Have you done any bass repairs recently?

/ Monika