8 Tips from François Rabbath

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One of my teachers once told me: don’t consider yourself a bad person after a bad performance. As a musician you might have experienced a similar situation. I agree with my teacher! And at the same time I know how hard is it to finally stop judging myself and others. There are a lot of different feelings and emotional challenges we have to face as musicians. Probably, other professionalists who are exposed to evaluation, criticism and competition need to face them too!

I have found interesting thoughts on this topic. François Rabbath “Art of the Left Hand” DVD talks about being a good person and musician in a broader context.

Rabbath is one of the most famous and extraordinary double bassist. His approach to music and philosophy of life are exceptional. I highly recommend that you get to know him and his music!

Coming back to the point – below you can find some tips from François Rabbath.

How to be a good musician and a good human:

  1. You can be a virtuoso when you are young, but to understand each note, you have to know how to communicate with your audience.
  2. If you interpret something just for yourself, stay at home.
  3. You need to create a connection with your audience, so that they could understand what you do. They should feel the love.
  4. You cannot share the love just by showing your ability and ambition.
  5. Don’t be jealous, don’t compete with others.
  6. Be with people, play with them to share the experience, to tell something to one another, to tell something together to the audience.
  7. Don’t stay alone. Love other people, because if they do not exist for you, you will not exist for anyone. Respect, love and admire others and they will admire and help you. Don’t treat others like enemies, because you will find yourself alone.
  8. Know that you are unique, compete with yourself only.

I find it very interesting and helpful! What do you think about that? I am curious what your opinion is!

/ Monika