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Where Do I Work?
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Hi! A few months after moving to France, in September, I finally started working as a music teacher! I am very happy about that! It was also the reason of my absence here, on the blog. I had to spend more time … Read More

Selected Methods for Double Bass (1800s.)
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[Estimated reading time: 5 minutes, 25 seconds.] Hi! Beginning of the school semester is a good time to have a look at the methods for development of performance technique. I have prepared description of five books from 19th century, including broader description of Franz … Read More

Daily Practice Planner!
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Summer holidays are coming to the end! It was time of traveling, resting and less intensive practicing. But soon a lot of you will come back to schools, conservatories and academies of music. Some of you will back to work in orchestras, … Read More

Bass and Bow Repairs
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[Estimated reading time: 2 min] Hi there! I had a break from blogging because last three weeks I was in my homeland Poland. I visited my parents, friends and worked on movie plan! I took my double bass with me because … Read More